Piggies – FINE ART PRINT AVAILABLE NOW ! This original archival C TYPE print is currently for sale in limited edition of 20 pieces. Size 30 cm x 30 cm for 120 EUR, 50 cm x 50 cm for 150 EUR plus postage from Czech Republic. If you are interested, contact me: foto@filipjandourek.com

The photo is part of a project, concentrating on a climate change, migration and the actual problems of today`s Bangladesh.
One of the biggest problems of todays Bangladesh is the city of Dháka with the population of more then 17 million inhabitants. It is the fastest growing city in the world, suffering from the biggest population density on the planet. Every day, more then 2 thousand new inhabitants come from all corners of the country. Families are forced to leave their homes and land as a result of the extensive flooding, cyclons and sea levels rising. Dháka is unable to absorb the massive population growth, there are no new areas to offer to climate refugees. The city is facing very serious ecological issues, infrastructure is collapsing, the standard of living is getting worse rapidly. Life in the city is becoming a real nighmare.
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