Havana, Cuba 2022

Would you like to see Cuba before the big change? Forget it, a lot has already changed by now. The time when colonial Havana was the Caribbean’s most brightly shining jewel is long gone. The old spirit of the city is slowly disappearing. The metropolis is urbanistically changing. There is new generation of “Millennials” appears in Cuba. Those youngsters did not feel the years of the Cold War in person, but has experienced the boom of the Internet. Those connections bring new values, such as independence, the need for self-determination and the desire for freedom …

The the between generations differences are now more visible than ever before and divide the island’s population into two parts. On the one hand, there are Cubans who still cling to the old sentimental values of the collective conception of revolution. And on the other hand, youth, for whom the value of individualism is important. Will Cuba experience a new revolution in the next few years led by millennials at the head of a more liberal government? Or will young Cubans leave the island? Klíčová slova: sociální dokument, portréty, portrétní fotografie, Kuba, Havana, mileniálové, generace X, generace Zless

Hana Connor, Filip Jandourek, Havana 2022